# Pangolin.js Core

This is the core framework package that provides a dev server with a nice UI and builds the production files.



These commands are wrapped in package.json scripts, which can be started with npm run.

# Help and version

Usage: pangolin-core <command> [options]

  -V, --version              output the version number
  -h, --help                 output usage information

  dev                        Start development server
  build [options]            Build production files
  lint <language> [options]  Lint CSS or JavaScript files
  inspect <task> [options]   Generate and output webpack config

# Dev

Usage: dev [options]

Start development server

  --open [browser]   Open in default or specific browser
  --host <hostname>  Override the default hostname
  --port <port>      Override the default 8080 port
  -h, --help         output usage information

# Build

Usage: build [options]

Build production files

  --dev       Build files for static file server
  --modern    Build additional modern bundle
  --report    Generate report with Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  -h, --help  output usage information

# Linting

Usage: lint css|js [options]

Lint CSS or JavaScript files

  -h, --help  output usage information

# Inspect

Usage: inspect dev|build [options]

Generate and output webpack config

  --dev       Switch to dev mode for build task
  --compact   Less line breaks in output
  -h, --help  output usage information